Our concept

Our concept

Welcome to Rio Luxury Boutique, a hand picked selection for passionate travelers of the best stay in Rio de Janeiro. You will find charming and design apartments for rent, exclusive and unique boutique hotel and luxury villas with ocean view: everything for a memorable holiday in this magical city. Travelling to Rio de Janeiro is an exciting prospect for visitors who only have seen the postcard city through photos and TV. It’s even better if that trip includes staying in the most charming apartments and houses of Rio that can offer the same creature comforts and pampering that only boutique hotels can usually provide. For the most authentic Carioca experience, apartment or house stays allow travelers to soak in Rio’s culture like a local.

That’s the idea behind Rio Luxury Boutique, a virtual hotel in Rio de Janeiro that instead of offering rooms, has a list of apartments and houses that are full of style and personality to give travelers a more accurate experience of the modern Carioca lifestyle. However, no perks are sacrificed; guests can still expect quality mattresses and linens, luxurious toiletries, breakfast, chefs or maids (optional), an inspiring musical selection, plus the services of a personal host (who will likely end up becoming your new best friend) — a dependable know-it-all ready to share his or her exclusive list of tips on what to do in the city, who makes sure to leave out all the usual tourist pitfalls.

About the Rio Luxury Boutique Apartments, Houses and Hotels

Carefully and personally selected by Rodrigo Harold — an expert in the city’s boutique hotel business — the apartments and houses of Rio Luxury Boutique belong to executives, artists, designers, architects and expats who are passionate about Rio and have built modern and stylish spaces to live in or to spend their holidays.

Harold’s selection criteria includes location, the style of the place and the comfort provided. For every traveler there’s an apartment that matches his or her preferences and budget. The locations range from penthouses and apartments in hyped neighborhoods, such as Copacabana or Ipanema, to those in the most luxurious regions such as Leblon or Joatinga. There are also simple (but full of charm) sites and vacation homes outside the city from which to choose.

All of the locations are carefully inspected by Harold and feature boutique amenities, such as 500-thread Egyptian bed linens and bathrobes by Trussardi, Granado bath kits that come in a toiletry bag created by designer Rio Gilson Martins, CDs with a music selection specially curated by Harold (a DJ in his spare time — there’s no one who knows better how to harmonize décor with music!). On top of all this, there will be some surprises prepared by the host in order to make travelers feel welcome right from the moment they arrive. An optional breakfast service and a full-time maid and chef are also available.

What kind of experience should guests expect to have at Rio Luxury Boutique’s apartments and houses?

Besides selecting spaces that provide authentic experiences of the Rio de Janeiro lifestyle, Rio Luxury Boutique knows there’s nothing more welcoming than being greeted by someone who’s prepared for your arrival — a person who’s not only good at organizing and fulfilling requests but also pays attention to the details that make the experience truly personal, such as candles, special scents, typical regional flowers or a basket full of exotic fruits. Unlike a concierge , which offers the same thing for all guests, the biggest difference in renting a boutique apartments is the customized service and details that give travelers truly unique, customized experiences.

Who’s behind Rio Luxury Boutique?

rodrigoHarold, who has a degree in hospitality services, is a born-and-bred Carioca. His vast experience in the boutique business in Rio de Janeiro includes managing La Suite and La Maison — luxurious mansions transformed into top-tier boutique hotels in Rio de Janeiro — for nine years. “I love to host and know exactly how valuable a trip becomes when guests can have a welcoming and warm experience,” said Harold when describing the essence of his business.

Through the Rio Luxury Boutique, Harold wants to share his pleasure in receiving guests as well as a few favorite activities from his typically (and enviably cool) Carioca lifestyle, including playing footvolleyball on the beach, sitting down for a beer at Braseiro bar and having dinner at Le Prêt Catelan. Ask him about where to eat, shoot the most beautiful pictures of the city or how to prepare a good red-fruit caipivodka, and he’ll give you a few locals-only tips that a regular hotel could never provide.